Descendants of William Ewing

Descendants of William Ewing

Descendants of William Ewing

Generation No.1

1. WILLIAM EWING was born Abt. 1630 in Stirling Castle, Scotland. He married ELIZA MILFORD Abt. 1650 in Scotland. She was born Abt.1630 in Dunbarton, Glasgow, Scotland, and died in Quisowen, Barony, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

i. Robert Ewing, b. Abt. 1658, Scotland; d. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
ii. William Ewing, b. Abt. 1664, Stirling, Scotland; d. Abt. 1736, Cecil Co. Md. (buried in P A)

Generation No.2

ROBERT2 EWING (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1658 in Scotland, and died in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. He married WIFE.

Children of ROBERT EWING and WIFE are:
i. Elizabeth Ewing, b. Abt. 1675.
ii. Alexander Ewing, b. bef. January 18, 1679/80, Burt Congregation, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. Bef. April18, 1738, Cecil Co., MD.
iii. Margaret Ewing, b. bef. March 26, 1678, Burt Cong, Co Donegal, Ulster, Ireland.

Generation No.3

ALEXANDER3 EWING (ROBERT2, WILLIAM!) was born Bef. January 18, 1679/80 in Burt Congregation, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland, and died Bef. Apri118, 1738 in Cecil Co., MD. He married REBECKAH PORTER. She died Aft. 1750.

i. Eleanor Ewing, b. 1721, Ireland; d. Bef. 1741, Cecil Co., MD.
ii. James Ewing, b. August 08, 1723, Ireland; d. bef. November 08, 1791, Wythe Co., VA m. Margaret.
iii. William Ewing, b. January 08, 1728/29; d. bef. March 05, 1788, Montgomery Co., VA; m. Jane Ewing; b. Abt. 1732; d. 1791, Blount Co., TN.
iv. JOHN EWING, b. June 10, 1732, St. Mary Anne’s Parish, Cecil Co., MD; d. Bef. January 25, 1788, Christianburg, Montgomery Co., VA.
v. Samuel Ewing, b. March 10, 1736/37, Cecil Co., MD; d. Bef. May 23, 1786, Montgomery Co., VA, m. Mary Porter, Abt. 1770.
vi. Margaret Ewing, b. March 15, 1737/38, Cecil Co., MD; d. Bef. 1821, Prince Edward Co., VA.

Generation No.4

JOHN4 EWING (ALEXANDER3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM!) was born June 10, 1732 in St. Mary Anne’s Parish, Cecil Co., MD, and died Bef. January 25, 1788 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co., VA. He married ELENOR JANE PORTER bef. 1750. She was born Abt. 1730, and died Abt. 1786 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co., VA.

Children of JOHN EWING and ELENOR PORTER are:
i. Charles Ewing, b. Bet. 1750- 1765.
ii. Eleanor Ewing, b. Abt. 1750, Montgomery Co., VA; m. Charles Cocke, Bef. 1788; b. November 12, 1750; d. aft. 1838, Greenville, Clark Co., AR
iii. ALEXANDER EWING, b. March 10, 1752, Montgomery Co., VA; d. April 09, 1822, Davidson Co., TN.
iv. William Ewing, b. June 18, 1764, Powell Valley, Montgomery Co., VA; d. abt.1852, Powell Valley, Lee Co., VA; m. (1) Elizabeth Sanders, March 04, 1788, Montgomery Co., VA; b. abt. 1770; d. Bef. 1819; m. (2) Sarah Hix, 1819; b. 1790, VA; d. 1872, White Shoals, Lee Co., VA.
v. Elizabeth Ewing, b. Abt. 1765, Montgomery Co., VA; d. Aft. 1847, Powell Valley, Lee Co., VA; m. Robert Sims, 1787; b. 1759, MD; d. May 1828, Lee Co., VA.

Generation No.5

ALEXANDER EWING (JOHN4, ALEXANDER3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM1) was born March 10, 1752 in Montgomery Co., VA, and died April 09, 1822 in Davidson Co., TN. He married (1) Euphamy Purnell September 06, 1786 in Montgomery Co., VA. She died BeĀ£ 1789. He married (2) SALLY SMITH April 11, 1789 in Davidson Co., TN. She was born August 12, 1761, and died June 15, 1840 in Davidson Co., TN.

i. John Love Ewing, b. April11, 1789, Davidson Co., TN; d. February 09, 1816, Davidson Co., TN.
ii. James Ewing, b. September 20, 1790, Whites Creek, Davidson Co., 1N; d. February 05, 1866, Wilson Co., TN; m.
(1) Nancy Smith, March 07, 1814, Wilson Co., TN; b. August 06, 1798, VA; d. July 12, 1835, Wilson Co., TN; m.
(2) Malinda Bellow, May 16, 1836, Wilson Co., TN; b. Abt. 1813, NC; d. July 10, 1890.
iii. LUCINDA EWING, b. December 10, 1792, Davidson Co., TN; d. April21, 1848, TN; m. JAMES MCGAVOCK, December 18, 1810, Davidson Co., TN; b. April 01, 1786, Wythe Co., VA; d. October 12, 1833.
iv. William Ewing, b. January 31, 1795, Davidson Co., TN; d. November 29, 1796, Davidson Co., TN.
v. Alexander C. Ewing, b. September 09, 1797, Davidson Co., TN; d. June 13, 1834, Davidson Co., TN; m. Cloe Russell Saunders, 1825; b. 1807.
vi. Randal McGavock Ewing, b. November 25, 1799, Davidson Co., TN; d. 1853, CA.
vii. Oscar Smith Ewing, b. November 26, 1801, Davidson Co., TN; d. October 19, 1808, Davidson Co., TN.
viii. William Black Ewing, b. December 31, 1803, Davidson Co., TN; d. Abt. 1876, Davidson Co., TN.